Business Analytics

business analytics

Business Analytics Insight​

This digital era calls for a need of a system that can help extract useful information from a pile of data. Structured or unstructured data in any organisation is needed to be in a systematic order.
Business Analytics is one technique which addresses these challenges. We here at PECS are keen to provide Business Analytics and Intelligence for smooth business processes by undergoing rapid decision-making.

Our Service Solutions

Power BI

Detail insights of business data are provided in forms of real-time dashboards and reports.

Power Apps

Create custom, no-code desktop & mobile applications running through data.

Common Data Model Support

Extensible collection and standardized data schemas (entities, attributes and relationships) can be used in Power BI.

Self-Service Data Prep

New tools can be imported into the platform and developers can also change the appearance of default visualisation.

Self-Service Data Prep

Big data can be enriched into the Power BI web service using Power Query.

What Makes Us Unique?

Services offered by PECS which help organisations to stay ahead with profitability –:

  • Predictive Analytics – Users can automatically apply analytics to the information of which subsets have been created.
  • Artificial Intelligence – In Power BI, users can access image recognition and text analytics. Machine learning models can also be created using automated machine learning capabilities.