Enterprise Mobility

enterprise mobility

Enterprise Mobility covers all mobile solution design, development and related services that scale and help organisations convert ideas into reality at rapid timescale. Use of agile methodology and DevOps allow businesses to continuously deliver and deploy mobile enhancements in short frequent cycles.

PECS provides Mobility solutions and support for private and public sector enterprises. Our experience covers several mobile technology platforms including Microsoft Power Platform, iOS and Open Source options.  


Assist in making work processes easier by providing mobile solutions and convenient platform for easy usage


Enhance productivity in Enterprise Content Management systems and make robust, scalable, and feature-oriented mobile apps


Developed Mobile Applications clear malware and add encryption layers to secure the architecture

Paperless Workflow

Have access to critical policy documents online which makes the whole system paperless

Cost and Time Savings

Tend to grasp the requirements and deliver them quickly and aim to provide with true value of client’s money

What Makes Us Unique?

PECS has a strong functional and technical team to design, deliver and support your mobile solutions. We offer: brings several elements experience Mobile workers and address Security Risk by delivering Enterprise Mobility Solutions that improve productivity and gives any company flexibility and choice. We ensure security of remote and mobile devices, as well as provide organisations support needed to enable mobility. Few Mobile App Development services which we offer include :

  • Multi platform – PECS has experience of delivering mobile solutions on Android, iOS and Microsoft Power Platform 
  • Security – our extensive public sector engagement made us prioritise security and several successful security audits are a testimony to the depth we now have in this area
  • User experience focus – our strong design focus and our experience of developing solutions for global customers has given us unique insights and ability deliver quality mobile user experience