Governance Risk And Compliance

Governance Risk and Compliance

Risk management and information assurance are critical in the overall growth and sustenance of any organisation in a volatile and dynamically changing business environment. Because of the growing reliance on digitally enhanced infrastructure, CIOs face the daunting task of striking the right balance between security and progress, as well as privacy and governance. A fragmented and, at times, defocused security posture as a result of a multi-regulatory mandate adds to the above quandary.

This highlights the need for a comprehensive governance, risk, and compliance framework.

Governance Risk and Compliance Challenges

  • Lack of visibility on critical data and crucial assets
  • Impact and losses due to a breach or perceived threat   
  • Incomplete coverage of security controls and assets
  • Optimization of governance risks and compliance management tools
  • Visibility of current governance risk and compliance posture

Our Services:

PECS has the experience and expertise to assist our customers in establishing an information risk office or integrating any existing information risk offices that may be operating in silos or on fragmented/ad hoc requirements today.

Our one-of-a-kind risk assessment framework ensures not only realistic results, but also 'implementable' remediation measures that are both repeatable and reusable.

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