Kentico is an advanced web content management system (WCMS) that delivers cutting edge website and optimises the visitor experience across multiple channels. Based on Microsoft .Net technology Kentico is a fully integrated system that includes Content Management, E-commerce and Online Marketing. Today Kentico is the chosen platform for over 25000 websites and runs in over 100 countries. It comes with powerful security features which has strengthened Kentico’s position as a leader in the WCMS industry. 

Kentico was recently recognised as a Magic Quadrant Challenger for the fourth time. The Web Development System of Kentico covers five major functional areas namely Content management, E-Commerce, Online Communities, Intranet & Collaboration and Online Marketing.

Kentico Stand-Out Features

250+ ready to use web parts

Easy Configuration. No Coding Required.

API integration tools

Powerful Real Time Integration with Internal and External Systems.

Add custom functionality

Easy Customisation of System, including Admin Interface.

Ease of administration

Page Creation and Multiple Site Management with Simple UI.

Multi-language, multi-channel

Versatile WCMS System that Runs Across Multiple Platforms and Devices.

Consistent experience

Kentico’s Marketing Solution Enables Consistent Experience Across All Platforms.

Kentico services from PECS

PECS is a Bronze Kentico partner with a team of expert consultants who are trained and ready to provide any type of support to the clients at all times. At PECS, we focus on delivering the best possible digital experience and services to meet our client’s demands. Our team is skilled, flexible and motivated to help our clients grow with the help of Kentico CMS.

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