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PECS provides service for Liferay Development that serves customers all over the world. We have a dedicated team of Liferay developers who are experienced and have expertise in Liferay CMS, Liferay Portal development, Liferay application development, Liferay Workflows, Liferay REST Mobile application development and also Liferay integration with Amazon S3 repository. Our company provides Liferay Portal solutions to a variety of industries, including insurance, health care, retail, e-commerce platforms, and travel.

It is a Java-based web application that is used to create web apps, mobile apps, and web services by utilizing the content management frameworks. This is the open source portal with which users can add a new feature and can also customize the existing portal. In short, you can use this to create scalable, standard, and enterprise web apps.

Our Liferay Development Services Include:

Liferay Portal Development

It helps enterprises increase productivity by using the Liferay DXP development service. In this online world, it helps to build customer connections with the Digital Experience Platform. With this, you can work on other devices such as iOS, Android, etc.

Liferay Migration Version Upgrade

With the help of the Liferay Migration Version upgrade, you can easily transform legacy portals and CMS into a Digital Experience platform. And through the Liferay DXP version upgrade, you can migrate from other platforms to Liferay DXP.

Liferay Commerce

Liferay Commerce offers a fully integrated digital engagement tool to B2B sellers. With this, companies can unite content that is spread across systems in their organization.

Service for Liferay Consulting

With Liferay consulting services, you can consult and manage your Liferay DXP adoption. The clients can consult on the strategy implementation, version selection, functionality, as well as customization. We will help to design, build, and develop solutions for Liferay applications.

How will Liferay Development Service help you?

Cost Saving

The Liferay Development service will help you to save on your business's digital transformation costs. It cuts off the license costs, which are added, and the user just has to pay for the development costs. This also helps to build integrated intranet portals, which will manage everything for your business.

Personalized Experience

With the Liferay framework, you can personalize web pages and portals. Through this, the customer will get a more pleasant and rich experience. And with Liferay DXP, the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) system can be easily managed and maintained. It also enables the user to add, edit, or remove the content.

Enhanced UI/UX Compatibility

For the success of every web and mobile application, it is essential to have a better UI and UX experience. So, Liferay provides better UI and UX compatibility for the user as it supports CSS, HTML5, and other types of design technologies. It enables developers to create engaging and interactive software solutions.

Unique APIs

Liferay provides unique APIs, which give an excellent user experience. It saves the time and effort of the user as well as the developers. This is also helpful in avoiding development glitches. According to the user requirements, you can customize APIs, such as modifying and creating workflows.

Easy Communication

Liferay development services help companies have an interactive digital experience. With this platform, customers can communicate with enterprises and easily solve their queries. This also helps entrepreneurs attract more people toward their apps and websites.

Frequently Asked Questions for Liferay Development Service:

We have an experienced team of Liferay Developers and they are experts in Liferay Frontend, Liferay Service Layer, Liferay Control Panel, Liferay In-House/Cloud Deployment, Liferay Microservices, and Liferay Performance Tuning. Hence, we have the required expertise that is needed for your Liferay project.