Public Finance Management System

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PFMS is basically known as the Public Financial Management System. It is a web-based online software application for payments that is developed by the Controller General of Accounts (CGA), the Department of Expenditure, the Ministry of Finance, and the Government of India. Their main purpose is to track the fund flow systems released under all plan schemes of the Government of India and the reporting of expenditure at all levels. Then, it is expected that the digitalization of accounts can be achieved through PFMS. This also provides stakeholders with a meaningful management information system and decision support system.

PECS provides support for PFMS implementation and IT applications in the government sector. We resolve the operational difficulties in the functionality of software applications and the coordination with district-level officers for the successful implementation of schemes. We have expertise in PFMS and SNA and provide solutions regarding finance. If you have any queries regarding PFMS and SNA, then you can contact us.



  • DSC Enrolment
  • DBT Payment
  • EAT Payment


  • DSC Enrolment
  • Beneficiary Registration
  • DBT Payment
  • Vendor Registration
  • EAT Payment
  • Inter Bank Transfers
  • Opening Balance
  • Interest Income
  • Income from Investment
  • Advance Settlement
  • Reversal of Transaction
  • Agency Limit Allocations
  • Budget Allocation


  • User logs in to the PFMS portal


  • Account based and Aadhar based Payment Files
  • Validation of files
  • Sending ACK/NACK for files
  • Sending NEFT/TTUM txt files to CBS
  • Receiving Success/Failure of files from CBS
  • Sending DN/RN files
  • Generation of Account statement
  • Integration with NPCI for Aadhar based payments

MIS Reports Generated

  • Component wise Expenditure Report
  • Component wise District wise Expenditure Report
  • Agency Account Number wise Expenditure Report
  • District wise Expenditure Report
  • Block wise Expenditure Report
  • Village wise Expenditure Report
  • Agency Limit Allocation Report

Technology Stack

  • Microsoft Dot Net Core
  • MS Sql/ Oracle
  • Agency Account Number wise Expenditure Report
  • Windows Server with IIS 10.0
  • SFTP Server

Security Features

  • Authentication and Authorization with Asp .Net Identity Core
  • Implementation of JWT
  • Implementation of XSS/CSRF/CORS
  • Data Encryption throughout the application for sensitive information
  • Data Sanitization to avoid any malicious injection like script injection or SQL injection
  • Proper Session and Cookie Management
  • Error/Exception handling using custom pages
  • Enforcement of SSL and HSTS
  • File Upload Validation
  • CAPTCHA implementation