Usha Dealer Management System


Usha is an international company that manufactures products like fans, cooking appliances, sewing machines, fabric care, water coolers / dispensers, room coolers, water heaters, room heaters and electric water pumps.

Goal – Executive Summary

The Usha Dealer Portal project is meant for the dealers of Usha to create carts, drafts and templates to place orders, track order status, feedbacks, print invoices etc. along with an Admin panel to maintain announcements, products, users and roles. It also has the functionality of Employee login through which Usha employees of different designations can support dealers in their divisions.

Challenged Faced & Technologies Used

The biggest challenge was to make the application maintainable and modular. We achieved this by using the layered architecture which helped in the separation of business logic from the rest.

C# and MVC with areas have been used along with MS SQL Server as backend. Ajax and JQuery have been used for client-side functionalities where needed.

The Impact

Today, visitors to Usha Dealer Portal get a customized dealer experience and persona-base smart content that matches their requirements both contextually and visually.

We at PECS believe that technology is simply a toolset as our prime focus is to deliver the highest quality of solutions that meet the most stringest security criteria.  I am delighted that Usha have chosen PECS for delivering the new dealer portal and long term support, said Puneet Gupta, the Chief Operating Officer of PECS.