The Next Decade of Technology Trends

There is no doubt the coming decade will bring many technological advancements. While we have not yet experienced flying cars, living on mars or taking jetpacks to work yet, but last ten years have been a milestone in several other innovations. Social media platforms have taken all of us by storm. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, all of these have made their mark in our lives.

So, what more will this decade offer us? Following are few current trends which might see a boost in the years ahead.

1. Introduction of 5G

5G is a significant driving factor when it comes to wireless technology growth. Manufacturers are planning to deploy 5G phones into the market within the next 5 to 10 years.

What are the added benefits of 5G? One basic yet major benefit is that it promises faster broadband speeds.

The entire supply chains can be fundamentally reshaped with 5G. With its gigabits speed and unprecedented response times, 5G Ultra Wideband can be thought of as the “secret sauce” that can make connected cars, cloud-connected traffic control and other applications that depend on essentially instantaneous response and data analysis live up to their potential. From healthcare to emergency response to next level gaming to smart energy solutions, the possibilities are virtually limitless.


2. The New IoT

We have heard a lot about Internet of Things throughout the last decade. With all the innovations that are coming up, this topic has dominated all the debates because it is central to most innovations.

Our lives have tremendously changed in both aspects, personal and professional, because of IoT devices. With more innovations happening with internet-connected sensors, smart refrigerators, digital assistants, wearable devices, equipment, etc, our lives have been much better. It is worth mentioning that use of artificial intelligence (AI) has increased over the time. With AI, we will see devices become increasingly smarter than ever before, i.e. they will minimise human involvement. 

3. Increased use of voice interfaces and chatbots

Most of us make use of Alexa & Siri in our day-to-day lives. It has become convenient to communicate this way and we’ve even gotten used to this, i.e. we are speaking or typing what we need to get done. Now imagine, if we are able to achieve this at this date, what could probably be innovated in the coming decade.

Furthermore, Alexa & Siri are groundbreaking innovations. Many businesses will start interacting with their customers using chatbots & voice interfaces. It’s a trend that will change the customer experience entirely. Also, through a voice interface, it will be much easier to carry out various tasks.   


4. High-tech healthcare

One of the industries that is set to benefit massively from technology in this decade is Healthcare. This industry has witnessed massive transformation from the time it started using various technologies to meet the growing demand while increasing operational efficiency in patient care delivery. This past decade saw the introduction of implanted and wearable devices that were used in robotic devices, telemedicine, health monitoring, etc.

The coming decade will see more technological advancements in this sector. Cloud-based infrastructures are set to take over while data privacy and security will be emphasised more, because it is most vital in maintaining the patient records. Such opportunities will drive cybersecurity innovation and blockchain. This coming decade will witness healthcare embrace technology via all points of patient care. Many technological improvements will make it possible to achieve a holistic view of a patient’s health.

5. Advancements in digitally extended realities

In this era of innovation, we’ve come to connect with virtual reality, and it has brought amazing experiences. This coming decade will encompass augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality. With this transformation, we’ll see and enjoy more immersive digital experiences.

These advancements could play a pivotal role in entertainment, training, education, marketing, and rehabilitation after an injury.


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