Build Your ‘A’ Team

Build A team

Okay, let’s say you have an idea, business plan and the industry experience. And you are looking for resourceful, talented team to convert your idea into business. Having a team that understands the challenges while doing business is a blessing. But, having an ‘A’ Team who not only understands the challenges but can even tackle the situation is a bonus.

Now, how do we ensure to sustain this? Keeping the motivation and passion together seems like it. Then again, teamwork and trust are both essential for any core business. It is a fact that success is not just driven by technology, infrastructure or capital. It is also driven by the imagination and skills of people.

Why do you need an ‘A’ Team? Let’s take a look:

  • Expertise – Trained team can bring expert skills in solving any functional / technical related problems more effectively and efficiently. With a team that holds an expertise in what they do, is an added advantage for any organization.
  • Ensure Smooth Operations – Having to safeguard yourself from any contingencies by having a global team who can keep your day-to-day activities unaffected by work load or absenteeism is one of the key benefits.
  • Saves Time – As the saying goes, time is money, which is truer in today’s frantically paced world. Delegation is therefore crucial for being able to manage work productively.
  • Saves Internal Resources – Needless to say, having an ‘A’ team means alleviating the need to hire salaried employees for different roles.

If you require an ‘A’ team, develop a plan or business strategy to generate significant efficiencies that’ll execute the project/work until completion. Different levels of organizations, namely Start-Ups, SMEs, Large Software houses require such team based on their project/work. However, the culture varies in different organizations. With an ‘A’ team, you can increase the odds of financial and operational success by adopting the following principles:

  • Link behaviors to business objectives
  • Demonstrate impact quickly
  • Use cross-organizational methods to go viral
  • Align programmatic efforts with behaviors
  • Actively manage your cultural situation over time

Since, the question of ‘What’ and ‘Why’ is now clear, it comes down to ‘Where’. Where exactly do you require an ‘A’ team? What are the tasks that can be deployed to the team once the agenda is clear?

They should be capable enough to undertake the following managed services:

An ‘A’ team is deployed depending upon the work-type. Whether the work concerns Long Term commitment, or it is just a small-scale project, whether it is an ERP project or Mobile/Web Development. The team can also be chosen only for its IT Support. The team can include experts like tech architect, programmers, technical writers, quality control, virtual assistants, customer service reps, or translators based on the knowledge-based work.

Technologies and frameworks play a crucial role in defining an ‘A’ Team. The team should hold expertise in what they do, which will eventually help to build scalable and secure software using preferred technology stack. Some common technologies and frameworks are listed below:







Dot Net





Share Point

React Native
















Few models imparted by ‘A’ team to overcome business challenges faced by the organizations and to improve their performance:

  • Dedicated Delivery Model – Having a dedicated service team with hands-on knowledge of Technical Architecture, High-End Complex Programming, API Calls, Database Architecture etc. improves the efficiency.
  • Shared Services – The team helps in providing output whilst working on other projects simultaneously without hampering SLAs and KPIs.
  • Staff Augmentation – This technique consists of evaluating the existing team and then determining which additional skills are required.

In order to maximize the potential of an ‘A’ team, it is important to understand the different options available. Which one offers the services and benefits that most effectively fulfill company goals!

  • Offshore – It refers to sourcing development and other resource needs from a region far away from the place of origin.
  • Nearshore – It refers to services and resources that are sent out to a geographical region near to the origin.
  • Onshore – It describes the strategy of assigning roles and services to a company located within the same geographic borders.

The ‘A’ team needs to possess a clearer idea of the overall project infrastructure; architecture and technology stack in order to fulfill the tasks assigned. Defining clear, measurable goals for the ‘A’ team as well as prioritizing a list of work from the roadmap from the start saves time and efforts. There should be specific skills that your ‘A’ team should possess in order to give their best performance:

  • Industry Experience – It is important that you check your ‘A’ team with their experience in the similar industry as your requirement. The team should be familiar with the type of task you are assigning and must have a successful experience to back up their skill set.
  • Working Model – It is imperative to note that you ascertain their working model well in advance before going ahead.
  • Development Process – It is also important to note what all software has the ‘A’ team worked on in the past. What is their development process and way of working?
  • Communication and Collaboration – You need to ensure that the communication and collaboration process of the team is at par with your company.
  • Security and Confidentiality – As a client, you need to make sure that your project and business details are secure in the hands of the team you are working with. Even before that, it is most important that you check their contract policies and pay attention to conflict resolution terms that they follow.
  • Timely Delivery – It is critical to ensure that your project will be completed on time with the desired quality. Deadlines are critical in business and working with a team that does not honor deadlines will throw your project off the hill.

Our team at PECS is growing and learning with time and works closely with our clients to provide them with cutting-edge solutions. We are consistent in helping  organizations benefit from the applications of technology, and are delivering Web Solutions, Websites, E-marketplaces, Mobile Application Development solutions and Product Frameworks to the industry and the government.

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