Why You Should Consider Liferay for Your Next Web Application

Liferay is an open source technology that is used to enable companies’ extranets and intranets. It is a robust web application platform written in Java that can help you develop your website quickly. It has a built-in web content management system, which helps to develop websites and portals with the integration of themes, UI software components, and pages. This platform gives you all the required applications that make your website functional. You can also add new applications and new frameworks.

Liferay has many portlets that support numerous programming languages. That is why businesses and developers use Liferay development services for their web development requirements. It is very easy-to-use, highly scalable, and flexible to make interactive websites. In this blog, you will learn the benefits of Liferay for your next web application.

Benefits of Using Liferay for Web Applications:

1. Easy Customization

Liferay provides features for websites like easy customization, which are beneficial for web design companies. This portal covers all the needs of the web application along with customization options to fulfil your business requirements. For this, developers should download the software and then work on it. You can create a dynamic website, which can make configuration and implementation easy. These features can also be used for Android app development. For additional functionality, tools and plugins can be used.

2. Single Point of Contact:

With the help of Liferay Consulting, companies can build fast and reliable digital experiences for their clients. The digital experiences help the customers stay in touch with the companies, share their views, and get answers to their questions. By using the features of Liferay development, any company can build websites as well as mobile apps. Liferay also provides options for customizing the content and functionality of the website and helps make the content available on mobile devices.

3. Cost-Effective

The community edition of the Liferay platform can be downloaded free of charge by any company. It also has a business-friendly commercial license version of Liferay that comes with additional tools and themes, but there is no additional cost. This will help with all your web portal development and design requirements, like web publishing, collaboration, administration, and social media publishing. But, if you want the features of the Enterprise edition, then you have to spend money.

4. Simple to Use

Liferay has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. With a few clicks, you can change the theme, page layouts, and style. Through drag and drop, you can change the position of the tools and elements of the portal. It has a collection of tools with which companies can immediately create practical business solutions.

5. Security

Liferay provides benefits to businesses such as SMEs, large corporations, government agencies, financial institutions, and insurance companies.Liferay uses the industry standard as well as government-grade encryption technologies. It makes sure of the security of the portal and provides protection against all kinds of attacks and security vulnerabilities. It offers security from common attacks such as CSRF attacks, uploading dangerous files, open redirects, content sniffing, local file inclusion, click jacking, and path traversal.

Liferay is the best open-source framework that can be used for enterprise web development solutions. It offers great advantages for your next web development project, like cost-effectiveness, ease of customization, support from a strong community, etc. Not only this, but it provides a digital experience platform for your modern businesses.

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